MLM Business Entertainment Tax Deductions -- Clarified! (Tax Breaks for Network Marketers Book 6)

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You are required to keep a log of your business mileage. Allowances are updated annually. Certain electric vehicles qualify for rebates upon purchase under the iZEV program Tip: Keeping a log of business mileage is a valuable tool for documenting your car and truck expenses. Charitable Donations Most businesses choose to make charitable donations as part of a commitment to core values and community service.

United States Donations made by self-employed individuals, sole proprietor, partnerships, limited liability companies LLCs and S corporations are claimed on personal income taxes. United States You must prove that the event is related to your business.

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If you travel internationally, you also have to validate why this travel is required. Canada You may deduct the cost of attending up to 2 business conventions, located in either Canada or the United States. United States and Canada You may deduct education expenses related to your business. Seminars, conferences and trade shows are also covered.

Interest on student loans may be deducted on your personal income tax. Insurance The premiums you pay to protect your business can also be used to reduce your tax burden. United States General business, malpractice, business continuation and any other business risk coverage is fully deductible. Personal life insurance premiums cannot be claimed as a deduction unless the policy is used to ensure the life of a key operational figure and the beneficiary is the company. Deductions for home insurance premiums are filed under the home office deduction. Deductions for personal automobile insurance premiums are filed under motor vehicle expenses.

United States Some costs like licensing fees are considered capital expenses that must be depreciated over time. Others expenses, like franchises, trademarks and trade names, may be fully deducted in the same year the costs were incurred. However, certain qualifications and restrictions apply. Interest Interest on any loans used specifically for your business is deductible.

United States You may deduct the interest paid on funds borrowed for investment purposes. You may also deduct interest from business loans and credit cards.

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Canada Businesses may claim interest on any funds borrowed for business purposes. You may deduct fees for reducing interest rates or early payment as a prepaid expense.

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(Tax Breaks for Network Marketers Book 6) - Kindle edition by Ronald R Mueller, Robert G Allen. MLM Business Entertainment Tax Deductions -- Clarified! MLM Business Entertainment Tax Deductions -- Clarified! (Tax Breaks for Network Marketers Book 6) eBook: Ronald R Mueller, Robert G Allen: Amazon.​

Standby charges, guarantee fees, service fees or any other similar fees may be deducted in the year you incur them. Interest on property improvement loans is capitalized over five years. There are limits on the interest you can deduct for personal vehicle loans or vacant land. The amount you are able to claim is determined by how much of your home is dedicated to office space.

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For example, if you have a 2, sq. The rules that apply are fairly similar for both the United States and Canada. However, there are two methods for claiming home office deductions in the United States — the simplified and regular method.

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Legal, Accounting and Professional Fees Legal, bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation and other professional service fees that you accrue in the course of doing business may be deducted. United States You may also deduct the cost of business books , industry magazines, online subscriptions and professional associations. If the services provided counts to future years , the costs must be deducted over the lifetime of the benefit. Canada You may deduct membership dues and fees for professional trade and commercial organizations.

All professional and consulting fees are fully deductible and must be related to the current fiscal year. Maintenance, Repairs and Renovations Depending on the nature of the work, these costs may either be considered standard deductions or capital expenses. Section Depreciation allows for the full deduction of improvements on leasehold properties. Canada You may deduct the cost of labor professional and third-party only and materials required for minor repairs.

Renovations or repairs that extend the useful life of your property or improve it beyond its original condition are considered capital expenses. Expenses that recur over a short period of time or restore a property to its original condition are considered current expenses.

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Meals and Entertainment All work and no play can make one very hungry and quite lonely. Exceptions include lavish and extravagant meals. At least one employee must be present at the meal or outing.

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All users beware! See Rule 34 b 4 "Any issue not raised in the assignments of error shall be deemed to be conceded. It was with great sadness that we learnt earlier today that Professor Brian Murphy Massey University died following a heart attack at the weekend. Special Sessions and Workshops Robert A. We run a busy interior design firm and our agreements with clients are specifically outlined that we process their payments on credit card.

The food and beverages must be provided to a current or potential business customer, client, consultant or similar business contact. Food and beverages provided during or at an entertainment activity may only be deducted as long as they are purchased separately from the entertainment or the cost of the food and beverages is stated separately from the cost of the entertainment on one or more bills, invoices, or receipts. Recreational and social activities held for employees.

Meals provided as compensation or part of the company culture. Notable exceptions to the entertainment rule include: Amusement parks and tourist attractions. Membership fees for dinner, sports or recreational clubs. Golfing green fees, cart rentals and club memberships.

You may also deduct all of the costs for meals and entertainment related to a fundraising event for a registered charity. Receipts are required for all of these expenses. It also helps to make notes on the back of credit card or cash register receipts documenting the business use.

This includes owners. Office Supplies, Tools and Services Did you know that box of paper clips you just bought can actually be claimed as a tax deduction? United States You may claim: Day-to-day shipping, courier, postage and other delivery services. Shipping and freight as part of the manufacturing process is claimed under the costs of goods and services. You may deduct most office supplies and like costs as long as they are used within the year they are purchased. You may deduct phone, internet or utility gas, oil, water, etc.

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Note: If you office at home, these items are claimed under the home office deduction. Canada You may claim: Phone, internet and utilities. Day-to-day shipping, courier, postage and other delivery services. Shipping and freight as part of the manufacturing process are claimed under the cost of goods and services. Rental fees for leased computers, fax machines, etc. Indirect supplies like medicines for veterinary practice or cleaning supplies for a carpenter.

Cleaning supplies. Small items like pens, paper, paperclips, etc. The following should be claimed as capital expenses: Office furniture, including desks, chairs and filing cabinets. Computers and software. This is still a new rule, which means that it's best to seek professional guidance on how it should be applied.

Taxable income. The business or reduced business limit. The SBD excludes personal service businesses. Rent and Property Leases You may claim rent paid on office space and other business properties. It is recommended that you keep copies of the lease agreements and rent receipts, as you will be required to provide these documents should you be audited. The rules are fairly similar in the United States and Canada. In the United States, you may not claim this deduction if you own any equity in the building where you rent. You may also claim rental payments on machinery and equipment.

It is a refundable tax credit, so even if your business fails to make a profit, you will still receive a cash refund. It allows you to deduct the full amount of expenditures in the year they were incurred. Unused deduction amounts may also be carried over to the following year.