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She had to get to her daughter, to be sure she was safe. The small cottage that housed Little Tots Daycare had appeared so cute and appealing when she'd chosen it for Evie. Now, she could only think how insubstantial the structure would be against the force of such a strong storm.

What if Evie was trapped inside? Sweeping back a clump of soggy red hair, Megan clambered over the tree trunk and back onto the road strewn with debris. She took in the devastation ahead, collapsed buildings and overturned cars. Glass from blown-out windows. Papers and furniture from businesses.

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Pictures and books. The tornado's path was clear, like a massive mower had cut through the land. Uprooting trees, slicing through lives, spewing a roof or a computer like it was nothing more than a blade of grass sliced and swept away. She picked her way past half of a splintered door. Wind whistled through the trees, bending and creaking the towering oaks. But she didn't hear the telltale train sound that preceded a tornado.

Thoughts of Evie scared and waiting dumped acid on Megan's gut. Even knowing the Little Tots Daycare workers were equipped to handle the crisis didn't quell her fears. Evie was her daughter. Her world. She would trudge through this storm, tear her way through the wreckage, do anything to reach her four-year-old child. The roar of the wind was calling to her, urging her forward until she could have sworn she actually heard someone speaking to her.

Had she sustained a concussion from the wreck? She searched around her, pushing her shoulder-length hair from her face, and spotted a handful of people every bit as reckless as her venturing outside for one reason or another. None of them looked her way For three and a half years, Whit Daltry had been a major pain in the neck whenever they'd crossed paths, which she tried to make as infrequently as possible.

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The fates were really ganging up on her today. Whit shouted, "Megan? Come inside before you get hurt. Tall and muscular, a force to be reckoned with, he plowed ahead, his Stetson impervious to the wind. Raindrops sheeted off the brim of his hat, as his suit coat and tie whipped to and fro. He stopped alongside her, his brown eyes snapping with anger, warm hand clasping her arm. What are you doing out in this weather?

I'm trying to get to Evie.

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I had already left the shelter when the tornado hit. A tree fell on my car so I had to walk. I have to go to her. When the shelter had decided to build a new facility shortly after she'd signed on as director three and a half years ago, Whit had started off their acquaintance by blocking the purchase of land near his offices—which also happened to be near the day care.

The Safe Haven's board of directors had been forced to choose an alternate location. Now the shelter was located in a more industrial area farther from her daughter. Every single work day, Megan lost time with Evie because of an arbitrary decision by this man. And now, he could have cost her so much more if something had happened to Evie. Whit grasped her arms again, more firmly this time, peering at her from under the brim of his hat.

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You need to take shelter until the weather clears. There could be more tornadoes. She's probably crying for me. Only a truck or heavy-duty SUV would stand a chance of getting through.

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It's not that much farther. If I can't convince you, then we might as well get moving.

Hopefully, my truck can four-wheel it over the debris and drive that last two blocks a lot faster than you can walk. Are you okay with that? They are considered outdated, no longer representing what women of today really want, but none the less encouraging such desires to linger. Whatever appears on the pages is there because the readers want it. Every reader I spoke to expressed a similar sentiment - they reached for a romance novel for its promise of a happy ending. No more doubts! No more disappointments! Jilly Cooper puts it best: 'After all, life's bloody tough.

Prince Rafiq of Lucia-Serrat stared at the woman sitting across from him. He had thought the biggest surprise of his Monday had been to find Kiley at her desk that morning, instead of on her honeymoon.

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He hadn't seen his secretary in five days. She'd taken off part of the previous week to prepare for her impending marriage.

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A flash of pink caught Gino's attention. The sight of Ally moving towards him in a T-shirt and jeans, her body filled out to perfection, caused him to pause in his task of tightening the lug nuts. If he didn't miss his guess, she hadn't been able to sleep, either. She walked with purpose, a sign that he feared didn't bode well for the desired outcome.

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But he was prepared for any hurdle she was determined to put in his way. Mick stripped off the rest of his clothes, his gaze never leaving her. Then he stretched out beside her, laced his fingers with hers and brought her knuckles to his mouth for a gentle kiss.

Mary Lynn Baxter (E-kitapları)

With his other hand, he deftly slid open the drawer of the nightstand. Shifting her hand in his, Erin drew them both slowly over the velvet pillow and over her skin, then up to the silk pillow and across her neck. Turning her head, she placed an equally gentle kiss on his fingers. It might have happened the moment I saw you. Of course I was in denial. I didn't think I was capable of loving again Traci pictured Parker with a houseful of brothers and sisters.

The image made her dizzy with happiness.

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She clung to Daniel's arm, knowing he would make a strong, caring father. The silken heat of her drove him to the brink. He managed to stave off his own satisfaction only by focusing every ounce of his thoughts on her. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Or is he? Something's simmering between them, and the lines between work and play are about to blur For her sister, Mary agrees to seduce and destroy lawyer Brandon Talbot.

He is, after all, the son of the country music star who ruined their mother. But the more she gets to know him, the more she wants him No one knows that she belongs to the family that has feuded with his for generations Wanna review this e-book? Please Sign in to start your review.