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Campus relations: win-win partnerships
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Instead of choosing breadth, start with building an integration that you know is important and valuable to your mutual customers.


The inspiration for our Google product integrations came from our personal experience:. Each integration we built, we discovered other ways that our team, and our customers, were using Google and HubSpot together.

What Is A Rain Maker?

And it is focusing particularly on young graduates, who will fill over one-third of its vacancies for engineers and managers. We will also be collecting new boxes of tampons, pads, and liners to be donated to Period Kits, a local nonprofit that provides a day supply of period products to individuals experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty. A green company would have trouble dealing with a supplier who pollutes the environment. On another front, the Group is also cementing its presence on campus by providing training modules, with sessions run by lecturing ambassadors or Safran Consulting, its in-house consulting arm. Refresh and try again. All other trademarks, and logos are trademarks and logos of their respective owners. It is therefore healthy for the NGO also to contribute financially to the actions.

Seeing our customers grow as a result of our integrations with AdWords and G Suite became a proof-point to support future Google-HubSpot initiatives. We recently announced a new partnership with Google Cloud. This is a natural next step in a customer-focused relationship that has been evolving for years.

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Is it a creative partnership defined by alignment of audiences? A defensive partnership defined by alignment of competitors? A partnership designed to bridge a limiting gap in the experience of your shared customers?

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The best strategic partnerships are win-win-win: they are good for you, good for your partner, and have an outsized impact on your shared customer base. Win Win Partners. The win-win strategy is often applied to negotiation between suppliers and customers at all levels. And more broadly to the relationship.

Perhaps at different stages, it will achieve all three. But starting with the angle that catalyzes not just each partnering business but also produces a wholly new and lasting benefit for the shared customer base, has given our partnership and integrations with Google a gravitational center that has made decisions clearer and impact greater along the way.

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Get started. The term win-win strategy widely used in business originate in the game theory. At the end of any action between each party : a contract, a dispute, an employer employee relationship there would necessarily be a winner and a loser in the best case and two losers at worst. Game Theory said that the future is to "win-win", which mean all the strategy where everybody wins.

In a way, understanding surprisingly modern phenomenon began at the University of Michigan where, in the years , a professor of political philosophy named Robert Axelrod gave the acclaim of game theory. The reputational risk is a very real one. The challenge for a company setting up in a developing country will be to integrate smoothly into the local social and economic fabric, avoiding conflict with communities, and so on.

Funding a new football field for the local kids is a good start, but it takes more than that. Often, in the imagination and expectations of local populations, a Western company setting up in a new territory ought to offer better conditions than the market — the assumption being that, it has come to take advantage of cheap local labor. There are some companies that worry about their social acceptability only because of this fear of reputational risk.

And there are some that have understood that in a fast-changing world, business-as-usual is no longer an option, and that they have to revolutionize their way of acting by putting human and environmental issues at the heart of what they do. Businesses vary greatly in the sincerity of their engagement.

Can they help to reinforce the social acceptability of businesses?

Win-Win Partnerships – in Romanian

They are there to improve the living conditions of populations without access to vital goods and services. But in order to reach a large number of people quickly and much more effectively, partnerships with large companies often make sense, so long as the products and services distributed have a real impact on local populations. At Entrepreneurs du Monde, for example, we obviously rule out working with companies that promote tobacco or alcohol.

But they rarely know how to reach the poorest population groups. Conversely, NGOs know how to work with economically insecure groups and how to listen to their needs, but they often lack resources.

Consequently, their actions are often limited. But so is the reputation of the NGO regarding its impact and effectiveness. As long as these partnerships are set up with a sense of authenticity, we are entering a virtuous circle.

How Can We Produce a Win-Win-Win with Partnerships for Mutual Benefit

If either party is not sincere in engaging with the other, it is rare for the partnership to be fruitful. Could you give us any examples of partnerships set up by Entrepreneurs du Monde, and explain how they helped reinforce the legitimacy and social license to operate of companies you work with? In each instance, it involves actions designed to make services access to credit, savings or training or products solar lamps and kits, gas stoves, etc.

With Total, we set up a program in Haiti to provide affordable high-quality solar lamps, principally for people living in slum towns. That program has since evolved into a local Haitian social enterprise in which Entrepreneurs du Monde acts as a majority shareholder. In the Philippines, we are testing, again with Total, a new way of distributing solar lamps for slum dwellers.

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In Haiti, with Schneider Electric, we are also looking into the possibility of developing training centers in electrical trades, to create career opportunities for unemployed youths. Each of these partnerships started out from a need identified in the field and a determination to find a joint response. At no point was there a phase simply to drum up funding prior to these joint actions.

If the business acts not out of conviction about the relevance of the actions being taken, but primarily just to enhance its brand image, you can be certain that before too long the actions will be undermined by diverging goals and visions.